In Which I Say Goodbye to This Blog

In February 2011 I started this blog with the post, “In Which I Try Blogging Again.”  My son was 6 months old, now he’s 6 1/2 years old.  My daughter is now almost 8 1/2.  Time is so strange.  I was once told that the days are long but the years fly by and it has been true.

I’ve changed as a parent, as a professional, and as a person.  Positive things have come from the connections I’ve made as a result of blogging and other things I’d have rather done without.  Still, all were choices I made with the information available to me at the time, which is all any of us can ask of ourselves in the balance.

The culmination of so much that I care about came about with a simple job posting for an elder and disability rights advocacy position with the State.   I called it my dream job because it was.  Spoiler alert: I got it!  And I love it!  My husband first alerted me to the posting and was with me 100% even though it would mean relocating our family far away.

In conjunction with big changes in our lives, I’ve had to admit how thin I’ve stretched my attention and resources up until now.

I want to share that I’ve stepped down from the Allergy Law Project with the full support of Laurel and Mary.  I’ve been transitioning my firm and cases away with amazing support from my colleagues and clients.  And it is time to say goodbye to being a “food allergy blogger.”  Thank you, as always, for reading.