More Graphics for Food Allergy Bloggers Conference 2014

It has been a month since I shared some of the graphics I put together to promote aspects of the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference and I have come up with some more I thought I’d collect here.  I hope they are helping people to see the value of what we’ll have at #FABlogCon.

In addition to the graphics, we recently shared a video from last year’s conference that may be useful if you are preparing for back to school – Dr. Mike Pistiner and Lynda Mitchell spoke about allergies and education in their presentation viewable here.

With contributions from friends and family I wrote out some ideas of things to do and see in Las Vegas as well!

Four Stages of a Food Allergy Mom
Four Stages of a Food Allergy Mom

Do you have a favorite graphic?
















As always, feel free to contact me with questions if you are considering attending as I’m a co-founder and co-organizer of the conference ( along with Jenny Sprague of Multiple Food Allergy Help).  We are offering single day tickets to Las Vegas locals in case that is an option that works better for you.  You can follow the conference on Twitter or Facebook (or both!) to see new graphics as they come out.  Register to attend today and remember this is not just a blogger event!  See the schedule here for more information.

2 thoughts on “More Graphics for Food Allergy Bloggers Conference 2014

  1. I like Eleanor Garrow-Holding’s quote, and seeing Chef Norman makes me really excited to meet him :) I feel like the 4 Stages poster needs to have an “I really miss eating_____” food cravings stage. It’s hard when you realize you have to stop eating something you enjoy. Getting excited to meet all those pretty, smiling people!


    1. So glad you like them! Tiffany’s comic was one she signed at last year’s conference, I keep meaning to frame mine. :) She told me she has new ones to debut next month and I can’t wait!


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