Is Costco’s Kirkland Organic Rice Milk Being Discontinued?

Costco Ricemilk

One of my most read posts on the blog is actually about Kirkland Signature (aka Costco’s store brand) Organic Rice Milk.  I often get comments asking about it but recently there’s been an uptick in discussion online about whether the item is on the “pending/delete list.”

I called Costco‘s main number (1-800-774-02678, then press zero to speak to a representative) today to find out why people might be getting this information.

First, the good news Las Vegas and most around the country: Kirkland Ricemilk is in stock in all Vegas area stores and won’t be deleted.  There are no notes about deletion and there is nothing wrong with any product batches (there was speculation that if there was an item deletion it was temporary and related to quality control).

The bad news for those of you being told of deletions on a local level:  Stores that do not experience sales levels to justify carrying the product may very well be ceasing to carry Ricemilk.  If you are in one of these areas, call Costco and let them know how important the product is to you and your family.  I made sure to let them know on the phone that Costco is important to many food allergy families.  In fact, I’ve heard Costco will begin to carry Enjoy Life Foods products sometime in the next months so the food allergy epidemic has to be on the company’s radar.  You can also see about Costco Business delivery in your area.

Hopefully this information is helpful, I’ve had great luck calling Costco corporate in the past and this time was no exception.  I even shared a laugh about my Costco-nerd status to the representative when I said I hadn’t seen the ending of the price change at all on Ricemilk (which is usually a signal of an item being deleted from stock lists).

Thank you so much to readers and commenters that alerted me to their concerns.  Blogging and social media matter, it is part of why I’m so excited to be helping to plan the First Food Allergy Bloggers Conference taking place in Las Vegas next month.

On the subject of Costco, I was thinking it would be great to create a resource of food allergy friendly finds at their stores – I know I buy safe items with good labeling whenever I see them in our local warehouse.  Feel free to comment about safe options for your family and I will try to include some of them.

Update (December 2013):  A helpful commenter, Steven, found out the following (I’ve posted his comment here so it is easy to find and I certainly feel your pain if you’re in one of the regions listed below):

“After further email conversation with I’ve learned that Kirkland Signature Organic Rice Milk will no longer be stocked at Costco Warehouse stores in the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest regions. Too, Costco Business Delivery in those regions is discontinuing delivery of the product once current stock is depleted. It appears then that only the Northwest, Southwest, and Texas regions will continue to carry the milk. (Yep, Texas is its own region). So, if you live East of the Rockies—excepting Texas—it’s time to find an alternative.”

Update (October 2015): Las Vegas Costco no longer stocks the Kirkland Ricemilk.  Sad faces all around.  Anyone else in the Western states experiencing this?