The 2012 Vegas Valley Comic Book and Children’s Book Festivals

Last year we attended the Moapa Valley Art Guild Pomegranate Festival (I guess November is festival month in Southern Nevada) but wanted to do something different for 2012.  I signed up in advance for a VIP ticket (the event is free, if you registered early you received a few perks, however) for the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival over at Clark County Library.  The event included panels and tables both inside and outside – it was a beautiful day and the kids and I had fun exploring on the morning of November 3rd.  We headed straight to Ralph’s Alternate Reality Comics Booth and who should walk by but Spider-Man and Iron Man cosplayers (pictured at another table below).  “Spider-Man” gave E and R little plastic spider rings that made their entire week.  Actually, R is still talking about it!  Spidey is one of my favorites so R will have plenty of reading material when he is old enough to be allowed to peruse my comic book boxes.


The event, though welcoming to kids (a number of free children’s comics were being handed out and E recognized her Owly books at the Top Shelf booth), did not have too much for E and R in the morning (they needed to be home for lunch and naps) so we hit the road for downtown Las Vegas to check out the Vegas Valley Children’s Book Festival!  I had heard friends rave about the event and was not disappointed.  It was strange to drive downtown for something other than work, though.


My husband and I used to eat lunch near the water feature pictured above. Seeing families enjoying the shade made me hope that someday downtown is a more vibrant place. The economic downturn hit just as the area was getting attention from investors but I’ve read recently that Zappos has made a commitment to improving conditions downtown.

We weren’t able to find parking except at some meters with a one hour limit – not a great amount of time – but even with spending most of our time at the Lowe’s booth (they had free wood crafting kits for kids to hammer away at) and the PBS booth (for puppet making) we still caught a presenter at the storytelling area (she was coaching the audience with the song “Did you feed my cow?”) and came away with an armful of new (and free) books.  We would have loved to stay to see David Shannon but our time was up at that point.  Running into Maggie Verderame of Kids Do Yoga on our way to the car had E so excited so I guess our timing was just right.  R fell asleep in the car while clutching his wooden fire truck.


I enjoyed seeing the inside of Fifth Street School.  It opened right after E was born but I remember walking to Federal Court and watching the construction work to revitalize it with interest.


Also, seeing so many families passionate about reading with their children was fantastic.  Anyone who says Las Vegas does not have a lot to offer families with children is simply not looking hard enough.  Add both events to your November calendar for 2013!

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