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I received a most welcome e-mail a few weeks ago from one of my favorite companies, Enjoy Life Foods, offering some products for review on the blog.  I had to say yes, even though I already knew I loved all four varieties of Crunchy Cookies, having previously purchased them when grape products became okay for E as well as some corn derived options (I am not sure if these have any corn derivatives, I was avoiding them up to this point because of the grape juice sweeteners).  By the way, some of my other Enjoy Life Foods reviews include Plentils, Granola, and Chocolate.  While we were on vacation in San Diego in September, what should arrive but these beautiful boxes:

To say the kids were excited would be an understatement.  They are lucky I limit myself to a serving (2 cookies, 110 calories for most of the varieties) when I indulge in cookies these days because there was more for them to share with one another.  The Vanilla Honey Graham cookies (amazon affiliate link) are not vegan if honey is an issue for you but we took some we’d purchased camping with us in July and heated them with Enjoy Life chocolate chips on the open campfire for a wonderful treat.  Highly recommended.  I think they are R and E’s all time favorite, they are not too sweet and the vanilla flavor comes through nicely.

For me I think my favorite is a tie between the Double Chocolate (amazon affiliate link) and Chocolate Chip (amazon affiliate link) varieties.  Chocolate wins me over, what can I say?  While I pride myself on home baked treats, when it comes to food allergy cooking and baking it can get exhausting with cooking and baking every single day so having “fast” treats is wonderful.  I wouldn’t be able to bake up crunchy cookies like this on my own anyway so they certainly fill a void!  My husband prefers the Sugar Crisp cookies (amazon affiliate link) so we have all our bases covered.

If you can’t decide which to start with I think you can’t go wrong with the Sugar Cookies.  And if you get a few crumbled cookies here and there (which I’ve only had happen when they’ve shipped in the mail, the ones on the shelves at stores like Fresh and Easy or Whole Foods seem to be fine) just save them in a bag and use them to make a pie crust later on.  I have plans to try a sugar crisp pie crust sometime soon, actually.

Thank you Enjoy Life Foods for sharing these with us, I know to some people four or five dollars for a box of cookies seems like a lot and it is a luxury in a way but when you’ve been buying food allergy friendly foods as long as I have you know the price point is on par with other products out there.  When I pay $11.99 for 3 lbs. of superfine rice flour I know that these allergy friendly ingredients cost a lot more than just plain wheat flour would.  Another great thing is that these cookies are potato free for those trying to avoid potatoes for inflammation reasons or allergies.

All in all, every single variety is a wonderful treat – just the right amount of crunch and sugar in each!


As an aside, my blog is up for voting at the Top 25 Food Allergy Moms list at Circle of Moms. There are many much better blogs than mine on the list that I’ve been making sure to vote for but if you feel inclined to pop over and vote once a day (no need to register, just click the thumbs up) until October 17, 2012, here’s the link to my listing (or click here for the current standings).

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