Food Find: Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Crunch Granola

I can barely remember what it used to be like to just eat what I felt like eating without worrying about safety.  I am sure reading labels is better for me now than random eating ever was but a lot adjusted after E’s food allergy diagnosis.  My greatest struggle has been with breakfast.   None of my staples were safe and I said good-bye to my Trader Joe’s Vanilla Almond Clusters Granola…or so I thought.  Here’s the tweet that got me back to eating granola again:

Turns out that in addition to being top 8 allergen free, Enjoy Life Foods (of Plentils and just about anything I bake with chocolate fame) also doesn’t use any oats!  Definitely news to me!  This is huge since a lot of wheat free products use “gluten free oats” while E is specifically allergic to oats in addition to wheat and the others.  I excitedly purchased a package of granola and ate some with rice milk.  It was lovely.  They also have a Cinnamon Raisin and Very Berry variety but Double Chocolate Crunch will always have my heart.

It manages to withstand the rice milk long enough to stay crunchy while eating a serving.  A serving, you ask?  Just one?  Yes, I weigh just about everything I eat now and the advantage is that a bag actually lasts a while whereas I could never get allergy friendly treats to stick around when I wasn’t counting calories.  A 52 gram serving holds me well until my morning snack probably because of the decent protein content.  The kids and my husband really enjoy the cereal as well.  Hopefully the company makes a safe protein/energy bar next, that would be awesome.