July 2012 Living With Food Allergies Blog Carnival

Each month a different blog plays host to a roundup of fellow food allergy bloggers’ posts, courtesy of Food Allergy Buzz.  Last month StacyMolter.com linked to over 20 posts for the June 2012 Carnival – a great way to explore this little niche online.  I’ve read through all the submissions and enjoyed the different perspectives.  To help you navigate the list I’ve tried to group the contributed posts into categories but I encourage you to check them all out and give the respective bloggers some feedback.  They all work hard to contribute to the landscape of food allergy resources, either as food allergic individuals themselves or because they care about someone with food allergies.  Special thanks to Tiffany from Food Allergy Fun for letting me use one of her cartoons for this post, she has another great one linked below.

I’ve created a Pinterest Board for the carnival (if a post had an image, Pinterest won’t let you bookmark something if it doesn’t have at least one picture) as well to make it easy to re-pin your favorite posts for future reference!


2nd Birthday Party: An Allergy-friendly Celebration – I just love Kathryn’s name for her new blog: Mamacado!  Her post has great pictures throughout and the little crispy rice guitars she made to go with the music themed party for her son are the cutest.  Her recipes, like this Summer Corn Salad, look great!


Side Effects – A Food Allergy Cartoon by artist Tiffany Glass Ferreira at Food Allergy Fun, a longtime favorite of mine!

In the Know

Cradle Cap Products With Nut Oils – Karen at Chemurgy and Allergens provides a huge service to the food allergy community and this particular post reminds me of my daughter’s cradle cap and how I used products on her skin that I later learned she was allergic to.  As Karen writes in her description of this post, this is, “[…] another reminder to read the label of every product, everything from lice treatments, to drugs can have nut oils.”  Follow her on Facebook to get the latest updates!

Food allergic kids: entitled or special needs 11 rules your kids did not and will not learn in school – A worthwhile read from Caroline Moassessi of Grateful Foodie, food allergy advocate and fellow Nevadan – she recently testified before the Nevada Legislative Committee on Health Care regarding epinephrine in schools and shared her experiences as a food allergy parent.

Food Allergies Around the World & Food Allergy Treatment Options – The blog Food Allergy Assistant brings you two informative posts this month, the first is about which allergies are prevalent in different parts of the world and the second uses news articles to explore the up and coming research about food allergy treatment.  I read the post about food allergies at the 2012 Olympics with interest and excitement, it is nice to know other people are as eager for tomorrow’s opening ceremonies as I am!

A Mom’s Perspective: A Guide to Registering Your Food Allergic Child for Kindergarten & Open Letter: Why Your Child Can’t Bring Peanut Butter to School (and What You Can Do About It) – Dave Bloom at SnackSafely.com submitted a comprehensive and timely post (is school really about to start?) with answers to questions on many parents’ minds.  In the second post there are some ideas for things to say to a parent that has a problem with a nut-free policy at school.  The comment section is pretty bracing so be forewarned that there are opinions from people who simply don’t understand food allergies.  The site also provides a safe snacking guide for parents of nut and egg allergic children with regular updates which shows a level of dedication you’ll find on many food allergy sites.

Surprised by Child’s First Allergist Visit? Lessons Learned – Devin, fellow attorney and food allergy mom at Nom Yum & Free has a fantastic post about her experience visiting the allergist, I know that there are a few allergist bloggers online but nothing beats the perspective of a fellow parent.  Check out Devin’s post How Did a Bean Become My Picky 3-Year Old’s Favorite Snack? to see how you can enter her Enjoy Life Foods giveaway but be sure to read Plentils review, it is well written and made me smile.

7 Tips for Planning a Vacation with Food Allergies –  Stacy Molter of StacyMolter.com (last month’s carnival host) has some great information if you are planning your next vacation, I wholeheartedly agree with her “pack heavy” tip when it comes to food!  My favorite post by Stacy is this one, detailing how she keeps a spreadsheet to track the food allergies her son has.  It is a great idea to keep a spreadsheet like that on your smart phone on vacation or just as a matter of course.

Recipes, Cooking, and Baking

Home Ec. with Mel: Gluten Free Snickerdoodle – Melissa Shields at Home Ec With Mel shares her gluten free snickerdoodle recipe, a great option if you are avoiding gluten alone – it is her first “vlog” so check out the video that accompanies the recipe and her about page where she details what it has been like cooking safe foods for her husband who deals with Celiac disease.

Hummus Lunchbox (Lunch for Mom) – Libby blogs at The Allergic Kid and shared a recipe we have made versions of before (and loved): Sunbutter Hummus!  If you’ve never been to her blog before, you really must see the monarch butterfly cookies she made for her son.  I’m still in awe months later.

Vegan Roasted Tomatillo Enchilada Lasagna Recipe – This is one of my latest recipes here at Oh Mah Deehness!  I named the blog after the way my daughter used to say “oh my goodness” because I thought it was cute.  It makes it hard to tell people the blog address with a straight face in conversation but I still like it.  I have other recipes on our What We Eat page as well.


El Uh-Oh & A Real Gem–er, Pearl – Two restaurant experience reviews (I think you can guess from the titles that one experience was great and the other was, well, not) from Jillian at Persnickety, a new blog about Jillian’s food allergy experiences (be sure to check out her “About” page).


Compassion for All – Allergy Mentor (Allergy friendly, family friendly FOOD) has a thoughtful post that reminds us that we are all learning at different paces and have different circumstances.  No one person is struggling more than another, it is all just different.  I think of this idea often and encourage you to take the time to read this post.  Also check out her Gluten Free Apple Crisp recipe, I am so excited that it features quinoa flakes and not oats (my daughter is allergic to oats and many gluten free recipes rely on them).

Don’t rely on first impressions–they might turn out to be food allergy alliesGluten Free Froggie in the Kitchen is the blog of a college student dealing with multiple serious food allergies and this post details her experience having a friend that seemed to mock allergies at first ending up as a help to her during a reaction.  Her post for Food Allergy Awareness Week entitled “What CAN you eat????” is another one to check out.  The perspective of young adults with food allergies is helpful not only to fellow allergic individuals but to parents wondering what the future holds for their children.

Food Allergy Feelings – Jennifer at Food Allergy Buzz writes about empathy and how one of her sons can have certain types of store bought ice cream while her other son cannot.  PeanutFreeBaseball.com is a Food Allergy Buzz sister site that is worth a click because it tracks places all over the country with safe games for kids and families to attend.  I know we’d love to have a nut free game here in Las Vegas!

If you give an adult food allergies… – Elyse writes on her blog Following Him about being an adult with food allergies but this post has a twist in that it is in the style of the “If you give a mouse a cookie…” books.  It is clever and poignant, applying not only to offering support to people with food allergies but anyone who is walking a tough road.  If you follow Elyse on Instagram you’ll get to see adorable pictures of her dog Ember like the ones she gathered together for this post.

Pet Peeves: How do you Bake Without Flour? – I think we’ve all been asked this question when we tell people we bake gluten free or wheat free, a post by author Colette Martin at Learning to Eat Allergy Free.  She has a brand new book out that I have been excitedly reading and baking from (review coming soon!): Learning to Bake Allergen-Free.

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