City of Henderson Animal Shelter


A friend mentioned that the Henderson Animal Shelter needed supply donations and I thought it was a great way to introduce the kids to a more tangible form of charity.  It has been on my mind before but the children are older now.  I mapped the location of the shelter and it turned out to be exactly next to a favorite of ours, the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, so in cooler weather stopping by both the shelter and the preserve would be a great idea.


We brought newspapers to help with lining the cages for the cats and were able to visit some of the residents of the shelter afterwards.  E and R loved the kitten room.


I took plenty of pictures because they enjoy looking at pictures from our day.


Here you can see where the dog kennels are being misted because they open up to a courtyard.  There were also bunnies outside in the shade.


Another view of the dog kennels with a tiny aviary to the left.  The birds aren’t for adoptions but I am guessing Henderson residents leave birds in the care of the shelter that they can no longer keep.


Cats are just about my favorite animal ever so the “kitten special” sign tugged at my heartstrings because I think cats should be adopted in pairs so they have a companion.


When I was a kid we had a tuxedo cat and a calico, they were the best of friends and these two reminded me so much of them that it made me catch my breath.  I stayed strong but E burst into tears when we left, she really wanted to take a kitty home.  It is strange because she’s visited animals before and never wanted to bring them home but I think the scope of the shelter was different than that of, say, a pet store where she’s seen animals previously.

The car ride home was filled with very deep discussion, I tried to tell E that part of loving animals is knowing when it isn’t the right time to bring them home but that we could donate more and visit.  She responded that she needed a screwdriver to open her piggy bank so that she could give the money to the cats.  I asked her if she knew how to care for cats and she told me she did so I asked what she would do if a cat scratched her bed.  The response reminded me of myself as a girl: “I would pick the kitty up and bring it onto my bed to snuggle.”  I love that she assumed a cat scratching a bed would want to come up.  Oh, and one more thing she said was that she would drive my car to take herself to school so I could stay home and keep a kitty company.  We’re planning to get a fish at the end of the year and she’s been excited and I hope she isn’t too upset about visiting the shelter in the future.

I picked up a list of things they need as far as donations go (in addition to newspaper) and have quoted it below, so feel free to drop any of these things by during their normal hours (they open at 9 and close as early as 4 on some days and 6 on others):

  1. Gift cards from Petsmart so we can purchase items as needed
  2. Gravel (not scoopable) cat litter (least expensive brand is fine)
  3. Cat food (dry and canned)
  4. Wash cloths and hand towels (new and used)
  5. Paper towel rolls
  6. Towels (new or used)
  7. Dog/Cat beds (small, for small dogs in kennels)
  8. Blankets and small rugs (new or used)
  9. Food and water bowls for dogs/cats
  10. Buckets for dog drinking bowls
  11. Dry kitten food (Purina One brand preferred)
  12. Small (inexpensive) stuffed animals for elementary students who attend shelter presentations

I think that animal shelters are a great way to start kids with helping in their communities, especially vegetarian children.



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