Esselmont Park

We were at Esselmont Park a few weeks ago and it is down in Anthem, an area that is apparently confusing to any sort of GPS system so you have been warned that a regular map is your friend in areas with new construction!  At any rate, after a lot of being lost we found it and enjoyed the castle themed splash pad…

…and similarly themed covered playground!

You can see from the photo above that there are slides for all ages which is something I really like in a park, R especially did not want to head home.  Luckily we were meeting our friends who live nearby and I got much better directions for how to find my way back to Eastern Avenue than the GPS had provided.

The most refreshing thing about this particular playdate was that our friends also deal with food allergies.  In fact, they wrestle with multiple top 8 allergens just like we do.  It is nice to not have to worry that E will be giving a hug and that there will be traces of peanut butter to think about.  Then there’s the personal support I get as a food allergy mom, being able to vent to someone that just “gets it” and share ideas.  She told me she’s been active with FAPE, the local Food Allergy Parent Education group so with her encouragement I will be trying to be more active locally to get to know more Las Vegas and Henderson food allergy parents.