Henderson Multigenerational Center Activity Pool and Haircutting Milestones


It took almost a year but we finally made it out to another activity pool in Henderson (last summer, and since then as well, we’ve checked out the Whitney Ranch and Black Mountain Acitivty Pools) – The Henderson Multigenerational Center Activity Pool.  While Black Mountain has shaded areas as a plus and Whitney Ranch is the fastest for us to get to, what I liked about the Multigen pool was the 1 1/2 foot deep alcove where we could play with the kids without getting bowled over by more rambunctious pool guests.  Not that I mind them, it is just easier to focus on little ones when you have some space.


I was able to, using my driver’s license as collateral, check out two life vests for E and R since this was my first time going solo with them to the pool.  Usually I have my mother in law or sister in law with me just by the chance of their summer schedules.  We were with friends as well but I relaxed a little bit as I wrangled my adventurous almost 2 and almost 4 year old (an aside: I can’t believe they’ll be 2 and 4 in August!).


A downside to this pool is that it is smaller to make room for the separate lap pool pictured above.  Also, the seating and shaded areas were limited but we arrived early enough to snag a pretty good spot.  I have been using our “swim and trim” punch pass which allows for much easier access to Henderson’s pools since you don’t have to stand in as long a line to gain admission.

It was a fun day!  We spent almost 3 hours there (I always bring a full lunch for us) and even I was exhausted by the time we got home and washed the salt water off in the shower.  I got R and E down for naps and decided I would shut my eyes for my first nap in months (I’d also ran a practice 5k that morning and beat my previous personal best time so I needed a break).  I woke up to find E standing in the hall holding something that turned out to be a huge ball of her own hair.  She’d given herself a haircut – cutting off her bangs and the sides of her almost mid-back length hair.  I’m glad she was safe but upon investigating the state of her room I found that she’d worked on cutting paper for a while (she was using kid scissors stored in Grandma’s sewing box) and moved on to her hair but also had taken a break to nosh on some Enjoy Life (amazon affiliate link) soft baked cookies (that are safe now that we’ve had a successful grape challenge, by the way!!!).  It cracked me up to imagine her taking bites of cookie while she worked on her hair.

A trip to Cool Cuts for Kids sort of cleaned up the hair situation but it needs to grow out considerably as there was not much they could do to hide the damage.  I also was able to pick up more Original Sprout hair products (their detangler is great) which are really allergy friendly and worth the splurge.  I am not superficial (at least I think I’m not!) but I do love E’s curls after all her trouble growing hair as a baby.  It was sad to see them go (her hair is even shorter than this lovely piece of art by Jessie Wilcox Smith).  I’d hoped she’d learned her lesson but the next day at nap time she announced “I don’t have scissors behind my back, Mama” and of course she’d hidden some there.  She was going to give her doll a haircut as well so I put the scissors very high up over her protests and requests to “please put it lower, I promise I won’t do it again!”  Fool me once, little one…

The exciting aspect of getting E’s hair cut was that R had his first ever haircut.  He was nervous but they started blowing bubbles to calm him down and he looked as though he could get used to this attention.  He loved that they used a shaver that reminded him of Daddy’s shaver which gave me a feeling I need to put Daddy’s shaver “up high” so that R doesn’t get any haircutting ideas of his own.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the hair. My 6-year-old is going through quite a phase with ballpoint pens. Let’s just say that in addition to marking her calendar and writing notes, she gives herself temporary tattoos and occasionally takes upon herself to mark her height on the wall (and not on the chart we started)! I may switch her to pencils, or maybe I’ll just wait it out.


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