Milestone: First Library Card

I was going to wait until her fourth or fifth birthday but I just couldn’t resist and now E has her first library card!  I wanted to write down the first book she chose to check out on her card: D.W. Thinks Big (amazon affiliate link) by Marc Brown.  I think the wedding dress on the cover drew her in as well as seeing Arthur and D.W. there.  Both R and E love the Arthur books, I was a fan when I was a kid as well.  Funny how some themes are universal.

I have to mention how much I adore Whitney Library and am so glad my daughter got her card there.  When we walk in people know our names and the storytimes are top-notch.  Energetic, engaging, and authentic.  We signed up for the summer reading program as well, check it out here!


About E’s interest in wedding dresses:   some people have a “dream wedding” but all I knew I wanted growing up was a real wedding photo so sure enough the ones hanging in our home catch her eye.  There’s a plot point in one of my all time favorite films, A Letter to Three Wives (amazon affiliate link), where a character wants her picture in a silver frame on someone’s piano and that stuck with me enough that I nixed early discussions of eloping because I really wanted that wedding photo!  Not that our frame is silver or on a piano but I think the idea was to be a part of your own home, something that appealed to lovelorn little me.  We watched a lot of classics and westerns as kids and now when I think about it they probably weren’t all kid friendly but I turned out okay…right?  I know I’m already being tangential but the other thing about classic movies is that they have a lot of smoking and E always wonders what is going on with that.  Interesting how we tune out some of these things as visual noise or period details but a child notices.


An the subject of books, here are some of my latest reviews on  On June 20th it will be one year since my first review for the site went live.  Happy (almost) Vegbooksiversary to me!   I am so proud to be part of the review team.

Gem – this is a sweet and mostly wordless book about a toad named Gem and letting animals be in the wild.

Do Superheroes Have Teddy Bears? – another fabulous review copy find, both E and R like this one!

Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth – Fancy Nancy slightly grown up and solving mysteries, really well written and available at our local library.

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    1. When I was a kid they didn’t have special youth cards. The library even has a name for the mascot, “Neon.” Thanks for reading!


  1. It’s so exciting to get a library card. I remember when it was the old fashioned manilla card that you carried with you – gosh, I’m getting old! But I know your daughter must be absolutely tickled. 🙂


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