Oven Roasted Tomatillo Verde Sauce Recipe

It turns out that R can safely have tomatillos, though I haven’t tried him with tomatoes to see if anything has changed in that department yet.  I made up this sauce and it tasted great with chips as well as in an enchilada lasagna that turned out really well!  My husband remarked it tasted like “real food” – high praise in allergy-friendly cooking indeed.  Our regular camera isn’t focusing very well of late so I’m using some Instagram pictures taken with my phone to illustrate the recipe.

This page helped me get over being nervous cooking with a new ingredient: How to Roast Tomatillos with your oven broiler.  I also have some nutritional information for this one from entering it into my recipe database on MyFitnessPal.com:


Cutting Board


Silicone Pastry Brush


Baking Sheet or Pan

Food Processor or Blender


6-12 tomatillos depending on the size (this isn’t set in stone, a little more won’t hurt the flavor at all)

2 cloves of fresh minced garlic

5 tablespoons of Fire Roasted Hatch Chiles (I use the Trader Joe’s variety)

2 tablespoons of chopped fresh cilantro

1/3 cup of fresh Vegetable Broth (Sunflower Market has a tomato free variety, I actually also sometimes substitute homemade broth made from kitchen scraps I freeze and then boil and strain)

1/4 teaspoon of sea salt

Canola oil for brushing lightly on your baking sheet


Set your oven broiler on high.  Remove the husks from the tomatillos, rinse, then halve them horizontally so that the stem part is centered at the top.  Place them on a very lightly oiled baking sheet or pan, cut sides up, and place them in your oven for 8 minutes.  Then flip them and roast them for another 5 minutes until the skins start to darken.  At this point you can slide them all into a bowl and let them cool long enough to use your clean hands to separate the skins from the cooked flesh of the tomatillos.  Remove the stems as well, you just squish them while holding the skin.  I ended up with about 233 grams after removing the skins, etc. and that was from a hodge podge of small and medium tomatillos.  You’ll be using this in your food processor or blender along with the other ingredients to make the Verde Sauce.  Your house will also smell awesome at this point.

Combine the remaining ingredients with the tomatillo flesh in your food processor and process until combined.  Taste to see if you want to adjust spices or add any citrus if you’d like but you should be set!  Stay tuned for the enchilada lasagna recipe but this whole batch of sauce should be about 91 calories so it will lend a big flavor punch to many other recipes.  It also has a summery taste I really enjoy.

Yields about 380 grams of sauce.

Cover and store in the fridge, the flavors will meld and develop if you leave it overnight, like most sauces.  I was proud of myself for just throwing some ideas together to make the recipe, feel free to get creative yourself and find the right combination for you!

(Shared at the 6/8/12 Allergy Friendly Friday on CybelePascal.com!)

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  1. I love verde sauce but the last verde sauce i made turned out kinda bland. I never though about roasting them under the broiler first! I’ll have to try that next time. Thanks for sharing!


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