Stationery is my Weakness

Today is my Mom’s birthday and she is the one I credit to making me a huge pen (and pencil…and stationery) nerd.  She doesn’t read my blog, but: Happy Birthday, Mom!  She and I love to share our “spiffy pen” discoveries with one another.  I guess I am lucky that my hobby is not intrinsically expensive (though it has the capacity to be!) but I read blogs and reviews and keep an eye out in the office supply aisle of stores for anything new or interesting.  I’m pretty good at resisting temptation but when my sister in law gave me a $25 gift certificate to my favorite online pen store (they sell Japanese and other pens and stationery – some of them hard to find here in the U.S.) I had so much fun picking and choosing from my pre-existing and extensive pen wishlist.  I also had a $10 gift certificate from a contest I won on their blog that was waiting for an opportunity to be used on a “proper” order (one that qualified for free shipping) so there was a fresh influx of new pens that of course lead to more pens being added to my wishlist as I needed more colors of pens I’d tried and loved.  I ended up liking all of the items I purchased except for the Sakura Glaze Pen (far left), it isn’t a bad pen but the “glaze” effect wasn’t what I had hoped for.

When the call went out from Jet Pens for a blogger to review the Nomadic Wise-Walker Backpack I was happy to participate (read my review here) and recently I received a randomly selected sample pen to review on the blog after responding to a similar announcement from the company.  I had to laugh because the pen I received (the Dong-A Miffy Scented Lavender Pen – the name refers to the cute little bunny character on the pen) was one from a line I discovered I loved with my last pen order.  I already have the Dong-A Miffy Scented Blue Pen from my birthday so I marked it with an asterisk in the March 5th photo I took above.  The scent isn’t too overpowering but now that I have two I feel like they don’t smell all too different from one another.  I really like the ink flow and smooth feel when writing and was happy to have another pen for the collection.  As I mentioned, I did receive the Lavender pen for free in exchange for writing a review (within 10 days of receiving the pen, it came in the mail yesterday which was a nice treat).  Another blogger has a great set of photos of the pen, including a fantastic shot of the nib here.  I did have the same experience that he did with the pen skipping around in writing initially but after that bumpy start I had no issues.

I like to try a different pen each day to write in my One Line a Day Five Year Memory Book (amazon affiliate link).  The book is neat because you just have to make short notes about your day and then the next year when you go through the same pages you’ll be able to see what you were doing the same time last year.  My husband challenged me that I couldn’t get through all five years before abandoning the endeavor but so far this year I’ve been going strong.  It has already come in handy to update my mother in law about all the things the kids are doing, I just read back to the days since we last saw her or had a chance to catch up.

I’d love to hear if anyone has a favorite pen or pencil I should try out!  It doesn’t have to be hard to find, just something you find yourself preferring every time.  I have a fancy pen I adore, the Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point (a retractable fountain pen, you can see some purple ink I purchased for it in the photo above), that my husband gave me.  I use it for signing important documents and writing in our family photo album but I also have pens like the Zebra Surari that I carry with me out and about.

Some people love shoes, I love pens.

6 thoughts on “Stationery is my Weakness

  1. LOL! glad to find another kindred pen and stationery spirit! I have a collection as well, and I use a different color pen everyday at work. I also change pens and/or pen colors when writing in my journals. I tend towards the fine point or a broad nib for calligraphy. I also had that five-year diary when I was younger – I still have it, and laugh at what I wrote back then. Haven’t found one of those diaries anywhere here (so far).


    1. Nice to meet you! I love fine point pens, too – my latest favorite is the .3mm nib though for some pens that makes them a little scratchy so I use .5mm where needed. I wish my handwriting was worthy of calligraphy, how neat that you do that! Thank you for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it!


  2. And I bet there isn’t a single normal black pen in your entire house. Saaay, one your hubby could use from time to time.


    1. I have two pen boxes you can check, plus the desk caddy! I will have to get a magnet pen for the fridge, perhaps. We may just not have the right pen yet…


  3. I love pens too!!! I don’t think I’ve ever been as methodical as you at figuring out which ones work best, nor have I ever reviewed pens (but that sounds like an amazing gig!).

    Though I definitely love trying out all sorts of new pens at stationery shops and have been known to treat myself to a new pen or marker when I’m feeling down. 😛 I had this great Miffy pen that a friend gave me but I lent it to Josh and he lost it. 😦

    Anyway, I’ll keep track the next time I find a pen that I love and I’ll let you know! We can do some kind of pen cultural exchange, because the pens in Asia have totally different pros and cons than the ones in the US! hehe.


    1. Thank you for commenting, Marilyn! I do the same thing, I buy a new pen as a pick me up sometimes. As a kid I’d have actual dreams where I’d get to shop for pens (and Sailor Moon merchandise) in Asia and then I’d wake up so upset that it was not real. Josh actually introduced me to Sanrio and I think that got me into stationery for life. I’d love to hear about your discoveries! A pen exchange can certainly be arranged. 🙂


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