Paseo Vista Park

Paseo Vista Park is a great park with a large splash pad that we checked out a few weeks ago.  To give you an idea of the location, it is near the 215 and Pecos Road, so not too far away if you are heading there from unincorporated Clark County like we are.   I love that to get to most of the play features you can run up a railed ramp, this makes it very toddler (and toddler caregiver) friendly.

E and R love the slides that are side by side, they try to go down at the same time.

The splash pad is very basic but it covers a large area and is well contained so you can let your little ones run around a bit.

The scale of the two play structures is pretty neat, they really cover a large area!

I didn’t get any pictures of the second play area without E and R in them but there were two neat ride-ons, a plane and a car, that they enjoyed along with some more ramps and a climbing wall.

I had to take a picture of the horseshoe pits because a dear friend of mine plays in tournaments, there’s even going to be a world cup in St. George for the senior horseshoe games that I’m hoping to go up and see.

I got a kick out of the tables with chess boards, it seems like something out of a movie to think of people playing chess at a park. Overall a great mix of shaded picnic and play areas! Though the parking lot is a little small considering the size of the park, it is one of my new favorites.

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