Life List Update: Sewing a Quilt, One Baby Towel at a Time

Very early on I posted my “life list” here and included that I’d like to make a quilt.  My wonderful mother in law gifted me a sewing machine a while back and I am also part of a fun local sewing club made up of ladies whose skills are only exceeded by their kindness in showing me how to do things.  One of them even let me use her serger the other day so I could make this baby gift for a friend in Arizona!  I bought the terry cloth material (3 yards) and was able to make two hooded towels.  The serger (called an “overlock” elsewhere in the world) is a wonder, it cuts and edges fabric as it goes so I didn’t have to fold over and make a hem for the towel.  Aren’t the little ears so cute?  I can’t wait to see pictures of the new baby boy wrapped up in this towel, I wanted to share because despite all the help I think I can say I made it myself and I’m proud of how it turned out.

How does this relate to the quilt?  Well, I am working my way up skill-wise to actually starting my first quilt block.  I just have to make the time to really sit down with the sewing machine and work on it.  So many quilts in our house were made by my mother in law and sister in law – my sister in law even hand sews quilts like this one that she made for E’s 3rd birthday, it even uses fabric showing Horton the elephant from Horton Hears a Who? (amazon affiliate link) which I love. If anyone is curious I can ask her where she found the fabric, it is so adorable.

Each square has a sentimental thought behind it, like one has a city scene that could be Las Vegas, another has a french theme because my sister in law wants to travel to Paris with the kids someday.  It just highlights why I want to make a quilt, they are so cool and personal!

3 thoughts on “Life List Update: Sewing a Quilt, One Baby Towel at a Time

  1. You can most defiantly said you made that towel. 😀 I’m excited to see what you do for your quilt.


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