Centennial Hills Park

We have attended a lovely egg hunt gathering on Easter two years in a row at Centennial Hills Park.  The set up of the pavilions you can reserve at the park is great because they perch at the top of a hill that ends with a playground and splash pad.  Easter this year was a little earlier than usual so the splash pad wasn’t on when we went but since the pavilions provide a barrier to the parking lot you can let your little ones explore and play on the playground and in the grass while still chatting with friends.

We managed to navigate another candy/food based holiday without any bad allergic reactions – we contributed plastic eggs for the planned egg hunt and even let the kids hunt for eggs others had brought but I pre-screened what they found and had them share the unsafe eggs with their friends.  A few plastic eggs just had money in them so I let them pick a treat at the store later on with their hard earned quarters!  I have never thought of money in plastic eggs, kind of fun!  I put GoNaturally Organic Hard Candies (amazon affiliate link) and Stickopotamus stickers (amazon affiliate link) in our eggs and the stickers were a big hit!  I will just do stickers next year, I think.  When we got home we staged a second egg hunt, the kids loved hiding them for each other as well.  Easter was never a big deal aside from getting chocolate when I was a kid so the whole egg hunt concept is still fairly new to me but I can’t say no to getting together with friends and enjoying the spring weather!  A friend mentioned a local food allergy group did a “safe” egg hunt and I would love to check something like that out but I can’t get the group to get back to me despite submitting their contact form on several occasions and talking to them at the last FAAN walk.  By the way, I signed up for the October walk this year at the District, if you’d like to join us, let me know!

You can also see the Centennial Hills Library adjacent to the park in this photo.  I’ve never been to this particular library but it looks lovely from the outside!  Fun fact: way back in 2001 there was a vote to name the area and Centennial Hills (a nod to Las Vegas’ centennial celebration) won out over suggestions like Arrow Canyon and Tule Springs.  I recall discussion about a mall being built in the area but the economic downturn has likely nixed that.  At any rate, it is a lovely park and I keep meaning to go more often than once a year!

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  1. I loved this park. My only problem with it was that they kids could get off the play structure at places you couldn’t see well and they’d disappear up the hill. ARG! When I worked up there we’d head to the library and then have park time after. The water feature was fun. There is a Centennial Hills Mall on the other side of the freeway. It is pretty big. 😀 We’ll have to have a play date up there sometime and I’ll show you around.


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