Annular Solar Eclipse

When my friend Elizabeth let me know she and her family were taking a trip to Utah to get a better look at the upcoming solar eclipse I mentally made a note to keep May 20th in mind.  We stayed home but still managed to use a basic pinhole camera to witness the eclipse.  The picture above is the shape of the sun peeking around the moon as the eclipse occurred.  The neat thing is that the light around the leaves of our tree out front created a shadow that looked like repeating crescents.

If this sort of thing interests you as much as it interests us, Elizabeth also let me know that on June 5th you’ll be able to see the transit of Venus across the sun if you are viewing it from Las Vegas.  The next one won’t be until 2117 so it is pretty exciting!

5 thoughts on “Annular Solar Eclipse

    1. It was a lot of fun to see the little details while we couldn’t actually look up at the eclipse. At one point even our shadows were doing the same thing, little moon shadows everywhere!


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