Free Comic Book Day 2012 at Alternate Reality Comics

May 5, 2012 was Free Comic Book Day and we made our way to my all time favorite comic book store, the Vegas gem Alternate Reality Comics!  I first discovered Ralph’s store when I was an undergraduate at UNLV studying International Business.  I’d been out of the loop for a while, just receiving my favorite series, Fantastic Four, via mail subscription until my friend James showed me Jim Lee’s stint on Batman that was running at the time.  Ralph was so welcoming and always willing to chat – he will always get my comic book business.  Admittedly I had to slow down again with the bar exam after law school and life in general but I still read about the goings on in the comic book world.  At any rate, I am a total comic book nerd and have been gradually introducing E and R to the medium through things like the Owly series.

I didn’t have time to peruse the sales but I did purchase Saga #2 as well as getting an assortment of freebies.  All my interior photos were a little blurred but check out the official store site for great interior shots of areas like the gallery in the store (the old store was a little further south on Maryland Parkway but both are across the street from UNLV).  Also check out Parts 1, 2, and 3 of Ralph’s posts about FCBD 2012.  Each person was allowed to pick a total of eight comics and E was giddy at this prospect.  All her favorites were there, Star Wars, Moomins, Owly, even Tinkerbell!  Feel free to click below to enlarge but there were many kid friendly selections, in case my sister in law is reading, yes, the Buffy comic is one I grabbed for you.  It was so cute to look behind me in the car and see the kids each with a comic book open as we headed home.

I highly recommend it as a kid friendly thing to add to your list next year, a young lady dressed as Wonder Woman even spoke to E (though E kept calling her “superwoman” she didn’t mind) and shook her hand which I thought was cute.  By the way, check out Ralph’s fantastic blog Ich Liebe Comics, the Alternate Reality Comics facebook page, and Cathé Post’s article about Free Comic Book Day 2012 over on the Geek Mom Blog.

Also, on the subject of comic books, I really enjoyed the first digital issue of Eric Orchard’s self-published series Marrowbones.  It is a little scary but aimed at younger audiences but it is not condescending and you can tell it is a labor of love.

If you’re interested/curious/whatever about getting into comic books, let me know what your favorite books to read are and maybe I can steer you in the direction of a graphic novel or series you might enjoy.  I may or may not have about 1,000 comics of my own to contemplate in making suggestions.

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