Sunshine Award & Food Allergy Awareness Week

Recently, a very kind reader (at VeggieWhatNow) included me in her list of “Sunshine Award” recipients, it made me smile and in that spirit I wanted to pass the happy thoughts along by participating.  However if I’ve mentioned you below please don’t feel any obligation to join in, I just wanted to make a few people smile, especially since this week is Food Allergy Awareness Week and several of my favorite food allergy bloggers are featured in the mix.

Sunshine Award Rules:

• Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.

• Answer 10 questions about yourself.

• Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.

• Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

• Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

1. Favorite color? Caribbean Blue
2. Favorite animal? Cat (I used to subscribe to Cat Fancy while other girls my age were getting Seventeen magazine in the mail)
3. Favorite number? 24 (all because of this game)
4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Frozen Orange Juice (actually anything in slushie form)
5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Twitter (so many awesome and supportive folks over there!)
6. My passion? Reason
7. Prefer getting or giving presents? Giving (see this post)
8. Favorite pattern? Anything in ROYGBIV order (I think this is because my older sister perfected the art of putting large quantities of crayons in just the right rainbow pattern)
9. Favorite day of the week? Thursday (odd because Thor and Zeus aren’t necessarily my favorite gods of myth but the day has the promise of the impending weekend)
10. Favorite flower? Globemallow (photo)

I’ll change things up a little and link to a favorite post I’ve bookmarked from each of the blogs I’m sharing this with – they are all worth checking out:

Link back to the person that nominated you:

VeggieWhatNow – Check out her post Bell Pepper Prep, I love the idea of stopping just short of fully cooking the bell peppers and saving them for later use.

10 blogs I nominate, in no particular order:

1. The Sayyar Reporter – My sister (a fellow attorney) writes this blog, tied to her new law firm website, she truly is a talented writer.  She’s entwining tips and tricks for prospective clients with fun topics!  Case in point: In re Legal Consultation for Spider-Man, 5 Cal 2 (2012).
2. Onespot Allergy Blog – Elizabeth is an attorney in Canada and she is also a food allergy advocate, covering important issues with her detail oriented approach.  Her posts are more like articles, check out the informative Misleading and Dangerous EpiPen Ad Campaign Launched By Mylan Specialty Continues.
3. Multiple Food Allergy Help – Jenny really lives out her website’s title, she and I have connected over twitter and she is nice as can be.  She wrote seriously in My Hard Truth about coping with her son’s cancer and his food allergies.  It has been shared pretty widely and with good reason, it is incredibly honest.
4. Katharses Kristine and I go way back to when I first got online, we’ve never met in person but have exchanged mix-tapes via snail mail which is pretty much the same thing.  Her words and photos are top notch, I loved her challenge to eat a vegetarian diet chronicled in posts like Flatbread Pizza. Her adorable parents feature from time to time, as does her dog Izzie (sometimes you can hear Izzie in the background of Kris’ youtube videos).
5. Food Allergy Fun – I discovered Tiffany via twitter and her series of food allergy comics are keenly observant.  A really recent one that hit the nail on the head with me is Diet – I don’t eat food the kids are allergic to so I lost a lot of weight (at first).
6. Baby Toolkit – Adrienne and I first got in touch when she had some free coupon codes to to share, it is a random way to connect but I’m so glad we did.  She and her husband Jim are creative and so very nice.  They recently started a podcast about board games and they post about the geeky side of parenting but one of their brilliant posts, Crossing the Rubicon, is about the aftermath of their youngest’s serious surgery.
7. Teacher Goes Back to School Tami blogs about yoga, teaching, and her beautiful daughter Ruby, check out Things I’m Afraid to Tell You: My Thoughts on Adoption and Birth Mothers.  I love that in reading other people’s blogs we get to see worlds we would not otherwise experience.  I think it helps to make us more compassionate.
8. Girl’s Gone ChildRebecca Woolf wrote a post that still has me thinking, I wrote a dedicated post about it but it started to get too personal so it is one for my own private records but be sure to read Thirteen as it is about the age we feel.
9. Beijing Dou – Josh (we go way back to elementary school!) and his wife Marilyn live in China and I find their blog fascinating!  Did you know there’s a Hello Kitty themed restaurant in Beijing?  The best part about the post Here Kitty, Kitty is how Josh tried to stay in character with his clothes and his order.  I have to link also to his post about his Bespoke Mustache Cardigan.  Best post title ever!
10. The Allergist Mom – Last, but not least, Sarah writes from the heart as well as the head – she is an allergist and a mom to allergic children.  The Science of Anaphylaxis – An Allergic Storm is a must-read.

I hope you’ve discovered some new blogs to read and don’t forget to make someone smile today!  If this roundup has been interesting to you let me know and I would love to share more of my favorites, it was hard to just list ten.  Also, Tuesday the 15th is a Food Allergy Awareness Twitter Party hosted by Food Allergy Buzz, hope to see you there at 5pm Pacific time, here are some tips about joining in if you are new to Twitter.

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