The Smith Center – The Color Purple (Broadway Series)

My wonderful husband got tickets to the inaugural season of the Smith Center for the Performing Arts‘ Broadway Series as my Christmas/Birthday/Valentine/Anniversary/Every-Holiday-in-Perpetuity-Because-Let’s-Face-It-Tickets-Aren’t-Cheap and first up was The Color Purple.  Now, my husband had read the book in high school but I only had a chance to read the Wikipedia summary before we went.  I am glad I got an idea of where the story was going to go because it was intense but in the right sort of way.

The songs were amazing, so many talented people performed, and I was just so enraptured with the building and Symphony Park.  Here are some photos I took.  I know I’m in two of them so feel free to avert your eyes!  A special thank you to my mother in law for watching the kids – it was my first time away from R for four hours – it was splendid.

The building style is meant to echo Hoover Dam and does so with so much style and grace, I was in awe.  The only thing we were puzzled by was the parking set up but I think they’re still working on that.  Arrive 30 minutes early at least!

That’s me in the skirt – I wanted to dress up a little bit even though it was a 2pm show.  Most people were dressed up which was fun! My shirt is one I was wearing the day I met my husband, I remember weird details like that…

Above is a shot of the view as you enter the main hall just after having your tickets scanned.

I loved all the silver, a great nod to Nevada’s mining history.

The same fonts from Hoover Dam, I believe!

Here’s the stage as we were waiting for the show to begin…

I want to thank my friend Janelle for sharing the info about season tickets when she got hers so I could frantically call my husband and ask about getting them too.  She actually saw the show the day before we did and has some great photos up on her blog.  I want to go to shows here for many years to come, you just can’t beat live theater.  Next up: taking E to see Mary Poppins!

9 thoughts on “The Smith Center – The Color Purple (Broadway Series)

    1. Aw, thanks Mindy! You’ll want to go extra early to take photos, I debated bringing a proper camera but didn’t want to worry about it but you’re so talented with your camera I’m sure you’ll get some fabulous shots!


  1. Glad you had a good time! I’m sure E. will love Mary Poppins. I was looking at the line-up for next year, and if we think A. can sit still for that long, we’d love to take her to see Beauty and the Beast and Shrek.


    1. My plan is to take E to Beauty & the Beast for certain, I will keep you posted about presales! I think we will be dressing up for Mary Poppins, it is during naptime but I think it will work out!


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