2012 Springs Preserve Plant Sale

I posted last year about the Springs Preserve‘s Plant Sale and though this year’s spring sale was a lot smaller we still found a few plants we needed for the front yard.  While last year the sale covered a number of areas, you can see in this shot I took from the parking lot that there was really just one spot where all the plants were gathered.

You had to backtrack to reach checkout and left the plant area with a slip listing the different price levels/sizes of your prospective purchases which I found odd.  I’m guessing it was easier to route power there?  They did have a few plant containers in the checkout area but I am not sure if it was just overflow.

Best of all, however, the weather was just perfect, not bitter cold and windy like the year before. I love every single one of our new additions in the yard!  I do like the Springs Preserve and hope I don’t sound too critical of their events but this year was a bit of a let down compared to the last year.  I felt like there were less plants from which to choose.  I’m not up on the specific constraints they face but the plant sale seems well attended so I don’t know if they scaled back or why.  We do love having the Springs Preserve in town and like to support their offerings!  Since we finished with the sale so quickly we visited the play area for a little while before we left which was a nice treat.