Allergy Friendly Chocolate Maple Birthday Cupcake Photos

My daughter’s dear friend, A, had a birthday coming up and her mom approached me about baking birthday cupcakes.  Her idea was that if I made the cupcakes allergy friendly and in my own kitchen then E and R could eat the same cupcakes  as everyone else.  I was so blown away by her kindness and consideration!  I bought blue cupcake liners since the birthday girl loves blue above all other colors.  Another friend even messaged me the other day to ask what questions she could ask about a birthday venue she was considering so that things could be made safe for my kids.  Friends just make me smile, we are so lucky to have so many wonderful people that care about us!

These cupcakes are ones that even people without food allergies will find delicious.  The original recipe on page 103 of the Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook by Cybele Pascal (amazon affiliate link) and calls for a delicious Rice Milk Chocolate Ganache but I was in a hurry and just melted chocolate with some coconut oil and put it on the tops of the cupcakes to create a harder shell.  A few had some safe (for us) sprinkles we recently tried.

I snapped a picture of the batter before they went into the oven because even uncooked they are safe and remind me of a yummy chocolate mousse.  The cupcakes were a hit (even though R got his finger into a few of them as I was loading up the car that day!), I actually have posted about this recipe before when I made it into E’s birthday layer cake, so it really is our go-to for a yummy birthday treat.