Springs Preserve Bet on the Farm Farmers Market

Each Thursday at the Springs Preserve you can attend the free Bet on the Farm Farmers Market.  We finally had the chance to make our way up there, though I did not want to wrangle the proper camera since it was just the kids and me so these cell phone shots will have to suffice.  It is indoor which makes sense but you do lose a little of that farmers market feel until you explore the produce!  Below you’ll see the Desert Living Center which is where the market is usually held.

I thought there would be more local offerings but one vendor made the great point that some people expect to find out of season veggies and fruits so why not let the Californians offer them and bring people out to the farmers market in the hopes that they also get some local goodies at the same time.

E’s favorite thing was seeing the different colors of cauliflower – my kids love roasted cauliflower (we use a version of this recipe at 101 cookbooks).

I’ll admit to getting some sticker shock at some of the prices but if you usually buy organic it is understandable.  The non-local items I bought were a cucumber that sadly was rotten when I got it home and some jerusalem artichokes that I roasted and were interesting but not as amazing as I’d heard they’d be.  The local cabbage and fresh dill weed were great, however!  The woman that sold the cabbage let me try some other greens that convinced me to plant some winter greens this year, they were lovely.  Another woman offered me some small fresh turnips to try after selling the dill and they were tempting but I’d already spent about $15.  I do believe in supporting local options when I can so you should totally check out the market but seek out the truly local vendor tables and treat yourself.

As I’ve previously posted, after checking out the market we made our way across the open auditorium (picture above) to the play area.  The Farmers Market is usually every Thursday from 10am to 3pm, check this calendar for details.

4 thoughts on “Springs Preserve Bet on the Farm Farmers Market

    1. My daughter is still talking about them! I should find other veggies in different colors to show them. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  1. Wow! This looks so much better than when they first had it!! That cauliflower looks delish!


    1. Thanks! I am sure as more people get involved and the real veggie season starts there’ll be more to choose from!


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