Heritage Park by the Las Vegas Natural History Museum

This is one of the nicer parks in the City of Las Vegas, they keep it gated and individuals without children under the age of 12 with them are not permitted on park grounds.  The best part is that it is adjacent to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.  The official site that I linked to above doesn’t have many photos so here are some I snapped on a recent visit.  I was downtown for a meeting about my new job so I don’t recommend scaling the playground equipment in heels!

Covered playground, as is the norm in Las Vegas.  Oddly enough there’s never shade in the right spot but at least they’re trying, right?

In this shot you can see the Las Vegas Natural History Museum’s sea life mural.  So half the museum is into the gated area and half is out of the gated area of the park.

A closer shot of the play area, some pretty good little slides mixed with bigger ones.

My kids especially like the little sand diggers as well as the dinos and gorillas you can attempt to scale.  Neat tie in with the museum, I think!  Also, in the distance here you can see across the street where the Lied Children’s Discovery Museum which is soon to move to the Smith Center at Symphony Park sometime later this year!

A closer look at the sign detailing the ages that are welcome at the park.  When we meet my husband for picnics he waits outside usually until we’re all there.

The park is very nice and the grounds are well kept with many covered areas with picnic benches – I think the idea is that the field trip crowd will get to use the area since the museum itself has a very small break room with just a table or two.  One of the more recent visits we made to the park ended with an early exit as kids were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while playing on the equipment instead of using the picnic areas.  I just can’t take the risk of reactions when nut butters are near, present, and getting smeared everywhere.  Not that I mind them being at the park, I just think food and playground equipment don’t mix!