“Freeburgers” from Quick-Fix Vegan by Robin Robertson

Thanks to a tip from Adrienne over at Baby Toolkit, I got in touch with a publisher about obtaining a review copy of a new allergy friendly cookbook.  Not only did they send along the book I was interested in reviewing, they sent over some vegan and vegetarian cookbooks as well!  I also received two kids books to review for Veg Books from another publisher (those are the two on top of the stack).  I have not checked out many cookbooks from the veg genre of late because when you are cooking with food allergies you can only go through so many books that are all tempeh, seitan, and soy all the time.  I have been missing out!  I spent at least an hour going through the books page by page and marking recipe after recipe that are either “safe” for us or that can be safe with minor adjustments.

I love that many of these vegan cookbooks avoid too much soy and even gluten in favor of other natural ingredients.  I know they don’t have food allergy folks in mind but I felt like many of the recipes spoke directly to our needs.  Take these “Freeburgers” from page 109 Quick-Fix Vegan by Robin Robertson (amazon affiliate link).   These hold together wonderfully and were easy to throw together.  Whirl the ingredients in your food processor or blender, make patties, and bake for 20 minutes (flipping mid-way).  Best of all, R and E gobbled them up and they held together wonderfully.  The photo above is of the patties before they went into the oven.  I will be able to save so much by not having to buy Sunshine Burgers (they are pricey and not as good as this recipe).

The substitutions I made were minor, I used leeks instead of scallions (I had no scallions on hand) and instead of the walnuts the recipe called for I used sunflower seeds in an equal proportion.  Wonderful.  In the photo above I put the cooked burger on allergen-free rice bread with mustard (I found a pre-made mustard that uses cider vinegar so it is safe for us), soy-free mayo, spinach, and sweet gluten free pickles.

I also made my own vegetable stock using scraps I have been saving from the freezer and the guidance of a recipe in this book.  I had never done that before, it was pretty cool to have a use for those veggies and then still be able to put what I strained to make the broth into the compost.

Other recipes I can’t wait to try from the book include: shortcut mushroom-artichoke risotto, coconut-curry chickpeas and cauliflower, roasted asparagus soup, curried cauliflower soup with roasted cauliflower “rice,” spicy red bean slaw, indian shepherd’s pie, moroccan pumpkin hummus, artichoke and bell pepper tapenade, jerk-spiced kale crisps, and smoky chipotle-chocolate chili.  The book is a great price on amazon right now, less than $10 (amazon affiliate link).  I will post more photos as I make the different recipes but so far I can say it is really a worthwhile cookbook.  Much like another favorite of mine, there are no interior photos but the descriptions of the recipes draw you in.

6 thoughts on ““Freeburgers” from Quick-Fix Vegan by Robin Robertson

  1. They look great and I am now craving one. They look great on that pretty looking bread with the mustard, spinach and pickles. My mouth is actually watering as I type 🙂


  2. WordPress is driving me nuts and not letting me log in. I will try again and hope I am not repeating myself. Don’t know if it will link to my blog either, so excuse the link.

    I am craving this burger now. It looks amazing on that pretty bread with the spinach, mustard and pickles. I am actually drooling as I type 🙂

    Tinned Tomatoes


    1. Aw, thank you Jac! I’ve actually been having issues commenting with wordpress lately myself – don’t know why.

      I have been putting fresh baby spinach on everything lately, it is just so crisp and I don’t have to do any chopping. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words, it is really hard to take pictures of food and make it look good so that is a huge compliment!


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