Springs Preserve Play Area

The grounds and play area at The Springs Preserve are free to the public (you only have to pay if you want to go into the museums) so we stop by there when we can!

It isn’t a classic playground but there are a lot of interesting features like rock formations and a reproduction of a giant mammoth skeleton to climb on.

Some of the features play sounds as you go by, so you’ll hear rattlesnake rattles or an eagle call.

E and R really liked the butterfly (above) and the eagle with her baby (below).

The train is a popular area to climb and pretend with, as is the sand pit next to it.

The day we went after the Thursday Farmers’ Market onsite there was a mom that let me know that she was giving her son a peanut butter sandwich.  I’m not sure what prompted her to tell me specifically but she asked if we had nut allergies and I said yes and started packing our stuff up.  E picked up on what I was doing and while I know that allergens are everywhere, I wasn’t crazy about hanging out when I knew there was peanut butter so close.  I did like that the boy was eating his sandwich off to the side instead of eating while playing on the equipment which is something that happens all too often.  I don’t mind the sandwiches being at parks, etc. but it is just not polite to get play structures messy with food as a general matter I think.

At any rate, I like the little play area and it makes a great central meeting place for playgroups and the like since it is off of Valley View and the 95.

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  1. We’ve only been there once, but Amelia loved it. It’s definitely a very different kind of playground. We really need to go back before it gets too hot outside!


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