From the Archives: Holiday Baking 2011

I have been saving these photos and wanted to document some of the baking we did over the holidays, April is a great time to post them, right?  I’ve already blogged about the Gingerbread we made and I also made lemon lime squares, hemp seed wedding cookies, spritz cookies, and cinnamon rolls.  We put together a little gingerbread house and had a lot of fun using coconut flakes, chocolate chips and chunks from Enjoy Life Foods, and sunflower seeds.  My sister in law put corn free powdered sugar in a bowl with a little water until she liked the consistency.  It held together really well but we were using pretty small pieces of gingerbread so the mixture may not hold up for real construction.  I am not sure why the gingerbread man is missing his legs but it reminds me a little of the movie Shrek (amazon affiliate link), poor little Gingey!

I also tried and loved a vegan soy-free pumpkin pie recipe with a gluten free crust that used agar to make the pie “set.”  It was really good!

And what is pumpkin pie without whipped cream?  I am happy to report that this recipe for vegan coconut whipped cream works and is delicious.  Be sure to use the brand of canned coconut milk they suggest, though.

I was pretty tired of baking when the holidays were over but I should be ready for more in a few months!

I don’t know where else to put this so I’ll end with a picture I snapped of the tree recycling area at Sunset Park – you just drop your tree off in this fenced in area and they put them through the chipper to create mulch for the trees at the park.  It was our first year with a tree and the kids loved it.  E wanted me to play “Time to Say Goodbye” sung by Andrea Boccelli as we drove away from the recycling area, it was one of those moments that shouldn’t make you laugh but you can’t help but smile.

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