Town Square Playground

There is a local shopping mall in Las Vegas rather centrally located (it is at 6605 South Las Vegas Boulevard, just a little past the Mandalay Bay Hotel) called Town Square.  As it is home to our nearest Whole Foods, I like to turn a shopping trip into a visit to the playground there!  I snapped some pictures with my cell phone camera to give you an idea of what it is like.  I think if you are just visiting Las Vegas on vacation with your family and staying on the strip you’ll want to check it out.  A lot of the shopping in the casinos is pretty fashion/luxury based so if you want to go to, say, Old Navy or H&M or catch a movie at the theater without having to walk through smokey conditions, Town Square is your best bet.

There’s a bridge, fountain, and water to look at, all next to a large picnic area carpeted with faux grass.  I actually really like bringing lunch and eating there if it isn’t too busy.

Here you can see the play structures include a maze, two story houses, and a classic slide area.

One of my gripes would have to be that the park is surrounded by little cookie and snack kiosks and there is this advertising for a candy store near the play stage area that I’d rather do without but it is a shopping mall after all!

Inside the house-like play structures are pretend areas such as this kitchen or another area decked out like a bakery with wooden cakes to pretend with.

One view of the play area, you can see the food kiosks at the entrance.  There is a splash pad they run in the summer months and only one entrance which makes watching multiple children a little easier!

Some different slides and a rope bridge along with plentiful benches…

I like the different age ranges that can be accommodated, there is also a merry go round and I wasn’t able to get a picture of the play stage but my kids really like it.

A great tip about these tantalizing carts by the entrance is that though they are chained up unless you rent one, you can play with them parked as they are!  So there is a lot to do, the downsides being the advertising, crowds if you are there later in the day, and from a food allergy perspective the cookie stands and the like do make me a little wary.  No issues for us yet, though, especially since I snag treats that are safe at the Whole Foods usually before we head over to play.  Make sure that if you buy frozen goods you have them give you free ice to keep them cool during playtime!

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