Food Find: Beanfields Corn Free Bean and Rice Tortilla Chips

These Bean and Rice Tortilla Chips from Beanfields an awesome find.  I missed Corn Chips and these are not only crunchy like corn chips, they taste good in their own right.  I found them at the local Sunflower Farmer’s Market and they run about $3.50 a bag usually but are very much worth it!

Sorry the ingredients are a little blurry but hopefully you can see that they are pretty much beans, rice, oil, and salt!

I also snapped a photo of the texture, these were all taken with my cellphone as the bag did not last long enough for me to wait to take proper photos.  We’ve actually been trying to see if E can have corn safely but friends that have tried these have said they are just tasty, so though they are corn free I think people should try them even if corn isn’t an allergy restriction they have.

2 thoughts on “Food Find: Beanfields Corn Free Bean and Rice Tortilla Chips

    1. That is hard, I don’t know how much rice there is but if you can have corn I know there are some quinoa and bean infused corn tortilla chips that Trader Joe’s just started carrying – they are very similar to these chips.


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