Butterflies Visit Our Texas Mountain Laurel

Yesterday morning the Texas Mountain Laurel at the front of our house was teeming with Painted Lady Butterflies so I ran for the camera.  I know I am not good at photography but I was pleased with these photos and thought I’d share.

The tree has been in bloom for about a week and it smells wonderful.

The carpenter bees usually have full run of the trees but for some reason the butterflies had a chance for a visit and were all blissing out long enough for me to get close.  I love Las Vegas in the short spring season we have!

This little guy didn’t seem to mind his broken wing, I can’t help but wonder if his bravery caused him some trouble because he let me get the closest for the longest.  The kids loved seeing all the butterflies!  The rest of our yard is in full bloom, I have to do a follow-up for last year’s garden post, maybe after this year’s Springs Preserve Spring Plant Sale on March 31st.

4 thoughts on “Butterflies Visit Our Texas Mountain Laurel

  1. Our Mountain Laurel have not started to bloom yet. Usually we are having snow still here in Pennsylvania, but this has been such a mild winter. The trees are now getting bud on them and I hope it doesn’t turn cold and kill off all the fruit trees.


    1. Thank you! I was really excited that they let me come close! I had never noticed Mountain Laurels until we had one of our own and now I see them here and there. Interesting that they do well in colder climates as well.


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