Food Find: Asherah’s Gourmet Vegan Burgers

First of all, these qunioa vegan burgers are pricey, I think I paid almost $10 for this box at Whole Foods but I wanted to try them and get some inspiration for new recipes.  The funny thing was that as I was looking at these a man was looking at box after box of frozen veggie burgers and putting them back so I finally asked if I could help.  He wasn’t allergic or anything but he wanted a soy free veggie burger as he had read that too much soy was not healthy.  I was able to tell him about Sunshine Burgers and he bought a couple boxes, I was glad to have helped.

They’re quite different from Sunshine Burgers as they are more soft and fall apart easier but they are thicker and the chipotle flavor really gives them a kick that I liked so much that I had to find some safe chipotle to use in other cooking.

I would suggest giving these a try if you don’t mind a splurge now and then, they were awesome on toasted rice bread with lettuce, mustard, onions, and vegan allergy-free mayo.  I hope these little posts are helpful, I hadn’t examined the vegan burger options in ages because it is hard to find soy free ones.  Glad to see there is some variety in the market!  My kids found these a little too spicy but I really enjoyed them, as did my mother in law.

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    1. I’ve had those as well! They were pretty good (they hold together much better than the ones I reviewed in this post) but also pricey – even so, it is nice to have choices when we’re so limited in possible safe ingredients. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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