Using Books to Talk About Food Allergies With Your Child

I’ve written a guest post over at the Sun Butter (a yummy brand of sunflower seed butter) Blog!  It is about three of our favorite food allergy children’s books and how they’ve allowed for some great discussions about food and fitting in.  Please let me know what you think if you check it out and thank you so much to Elizabeth over at the Sun Butter Blog for editing and publishing my post, she is so kind!

Telling kids about food allergies: Crack open a great kid’s book

If you are new to my blog because of my Sun Butter post: welcome!  I have some handy sections for navigating the recipes and family activities I’ve posted about and I’ve created a section in my Amazon Affiliate Store just for food allergy books that I hope to keep adding to for easy reference.

Welcome also if you are checking out the blog because of my recent feature in the Circle of Moms’ slideshow “7 Easy Vegetable Recipes Kids Love,” I hope you’ll let me know if you try the recipe and if your kids enjoy it as much as mine do.

My greatest hope is to give back some of the support I’ve received from the fabulous online community so thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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