Morrell Park

Morrell Park is an older park in Henderson, situated right next to the Valley View Recreation Center.  Both the recreation center and the park are well kept even if they are not fancy.   In the picture above you can see a school in the background and there is a day care center nearby so the playground can get noisy and crowded depending on the time of day.  R was able to do his first independent sliding here – for the longest time he had the desire to slide alone but he’d throw himself forward with his head which would result in a somersault if I was not there to help.  He’s figured it out, though!  I get just as teary eyed with his proud milestones as I did when E achieved these things.  He’s 19 months now and I love this age, aside from his discovery (and yelling) of the word “mine,” that is!

We play at the playground nearest to the recreation center entrance but there’s actually another one with features for the taller set by the baseball field, I snapped the above picture while standing at the little kid play area so it gives you an idea of the distance between the two.  Each area has their own parking lot so be sure you know which lot you’re meeting near if you are having a playdate!

Of course for it to be a good park in my kids’ eyes there must be swings!  I still have to post about my attempts at exercising but I have jogged/walked around the track around the baseball field and it is a nice option though I have had my mother in law play with the kids so I can go around unencumbered so I am not sure how navigable things are with a jogging stroller.