Food Find: Plentils (Lentil Chips) from Enjoy Life Foods

I was rocking R to sleep when I heard a loud knock on the door, I guessed it was a package for my husband but it was for me!  Turns out I was chosen (you had to submit an interest form) to receive samples of some new top 8 allergen free lentil chips.  I had to take a photo of the box because I’m a marketing nerd and the confetti paper was such a cool touch.  It just gives a feeling of celebration.  You may recall that we’re big fans of the Trader Joe’s Lentil Chips (my review is here, they have a salt and pepper seasoning on them that is a little spicy for the kids) so I was curious to try a different take on them.

E got to pick the first bag we tried and she picked the “Parmesan Garlic” ones in the purple bag.  They have no milk or the like but somehow they have a cheesy taste that we all really enjoyed!  I couldn’t try the “Margherita Pizza” variety because I avoid tomatoes while I’m nursing R but my husband, mother in law, and E all said they were nice.  The “Sour Cream and Dill” (milk free despite its name as well) variety was pleasant but lacking the “sour” kick I thought they would have.  I do love the flavor of dill on its own, though (as evidenced by this recipe)!

I think all four bags lasted less than a week in our house, even the “Light Sea Salt” was gobbled up quickly.  In a way it excited me the most because the ingredient list was so simple.  The others are fancier but for a basic lentil chip it is great to see lentil powder as the first ingredient and no corn which is something I find a lot of in potato chips and other snacks.  The Trader Joe’s chips have other beans: lentil, adzuki, and garbanzo so that might be an allergy consideration if you have issues with those but otherwise I think both brands can share space in your pantry because there is no flavor overlap.

At any rate, if you are interested you can buy some on the official website or wait for them to show up at your local store in the coming months.  I will be buying the Parmesan Garlic ones for certain the next chance I get!  They are crunchy but soft enough for little kids to eat and slightly curved for dipping.  Thank you to Enjoy Life Foods for letting me try these out! There was no request to blog about them or anything but I do like to feature snack finds here to help other people that get label reading fatigue.  I have some great bean and rice tortilla chips to share for those that can’t have corn tortilla chips and one or two other neat food finds I have to get the chance to write about.  If you’ve tried these let me know which flavor is your favorite in the comments!