Following Along

R watches his big sister intently and mimics her activities almost instantly at times.  What I haven’t noticed until today was how much he has been watching me, too.  In the meantime, E in her own turn is still absorbing and learning even though right now we are going through a phase of defiance.  I have two stories from today that got me thinking about all this.

We’re all sick and R asked for some water when he saw me with the bottle (I know they are wasteful but we do recycle and use our Brita as well).  In typical fashion, he wanted to walk around while sipping away so I let him, the need for hydration trumping caution (also, the bottle had maybe two ounces of water left).  I forgot he had it still until he emerged from the kitchen with an armful of dish towels, beelined to an area of tile and started wiping up what I realized was what remained of his water.  So he spilled the bottle, got a towel, and started cleaning up in the span of perhaps a minute. He’s so independent sometimes.  I’ve heard a parent’s goal is to reach obsolescence regarding their kids and I feel proud seeing all the things he wants to do by himself at just eighteen months.  He knows from watching us just how slippery spills on the tiled floor are and took action.  So cute.

Interestingly enough, today E did something that gave me a window to how she perceives what I do with food allergy friendly cooking and planning each day.  We were eating some frozen orange juice (a vice of mine the kids have picked up) and she very matter of factly picked up a silicone flower shaped ice cube tray that I’d recently used to make chocolate molds.  Studying the shapes she said, “Mommy, I have an idea.  We should take some brown rice syrup and make some of our own corn starch out of some safe corn and mix it in with strawberries and put orange juice on top to make flower popsicles.”  I reminded her corn is not safe and she said “I know that Mommy, but I think they will make some safe corn next winter, maybe all the people bought it all already.”  I love that to her anything is possible and that food is something we create.  Why not view safe food as an inevitability?  I worry so much on the inside and when I confide to others but what E sees is that we make treats and meals that she loves.  Whether a starch, syrup, and fruit are tasty together I am not certain, but I’m tempted to let her try her idea out!

Tomorrow is this blog’s one year anniversary and as I read the above I think of how the kids have come so far in that span of time.  My big goal here has been to chronicle safe foods and meals to make into a photo recipe book for my children and though there’s a lot yet to be done I feel like this has not been a shabby start.  My husband has also contributed his voice, which I’ve loved having. Additionally, staying positive in this space has been an important exercise in perspective.

E doesn’t say “oh mah deehness!” anymore but I love hearing every new thing she has to tell me.  R’s words are coming together as well, so who knows what another year will bring.  At any rate, thank you for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Following Along

  1. Oh, how awesome that R cleaned up his spilled water. I don’t think there are a lot of kids his age who would do that. My almost 2 1/2 year old just shouts, “Uh oh, I made a mess, Mommy!” She’s never cleaned up anything unprompted. R will probably make a very good husband someday. 😉


    1. Oh, and I’m glad you liked the story! I always debate sharing these things – I think they’re neat but I never know if the cuteness will show through when I put it into my rambling posts.


      1. I love little stories like these. I’ve heard a lot of non-parents complaining about people talking about and posting photos of their kids on Facebook and the like, saying “no one cares,” but that’s just not true. At the very least, grandparents care! And I think those who are parents like to know the highs and lows of parenting is a shared experience.


  2. Happy anniversary to you! Your blog is quite an accomplishment, your children sound adorable, and you’ve raised awareness about allergy-safe foods (mine at the very least). You should be proud. Congratulations!


    1. Oh, thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words, Jessica! It means a lot to think I’ve done anything to help raise awareness about food allergies!


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