Silver Springs Park

We are taking some new classes this semester, including a music class for R at Silver Springs Recreation Center, which conveniently has Silver Springs Park just across the street (you can see the park in distance in the picture above).

The park just reopened after some renovation work and it has a nice mix of areas for little kids and big ones.  E did a great job playing with the other children at the park, I think the fact that some were from R’s class helped ease her into talking with them.

In fact, at one point as we said good-bye to one of her playmates, she said “if you want to come to our house and play, you can!”  I want her to be social but not that social!  She’s turning into a bit of an extrovert, I have to work at being outgoing so it is fun to see her personality turning out a little different from my own.

This sticker caught my eye because wouldn’t it make more sense to just give the full age range without the “or” in between?

At any rate, the weather has been so gorgeous that we are outside at local parks often and I think are all the better for it.  Fresh air, sunlight, exercise. . .I would love for my children to stay active and be happy doing so.  I am trying to do some true exercise myself to be a better example, I will hopefully write a proper post about my efforts soon.

P.S. Happy 4th Birthday to my Nephew!  My mother in law and I made him a cape with his first initial on the back – he loves Iron Man so that is why we made it red and gold.  I hope he likes it!