City Center Tram and Water Tornadoes at the Aria

The same day we visited the Bellagio Conservatory with friends, we made our way over to the City Center tram for a ride to the Aria.  Admittedly, my husband and I were underwhelmed by City Center the first time we visited so we had not been back since, especially since the shopping at the Aria is a lot more “upscale” than we’d like.  I am glad I gave it another chance because there were some beautiful things to see, like the inlaid staircase pictured above.

A note about the tram is that if you have a stroller you’ll have to follow a maze of sorts to get to the elevators to the tram platform.  At one point on the way back we were separated from our friends because the escalator took them to a different side of the platform than the elevators did.  Lesson: stay together!

I especially loved seeing the kids play in the water tornadoes, they seemed to be a hit with many people but R was really having a great time running through them and watching the water spiraling.

You could see more decorations up for the Year of the Dragon, both in shop windows and in the common areas.  We decided to make our way back to the Bellagio to eat lunch before the kids were too tired but there are some fountains you can see as well as other neat areas to visit so we’ll probably make another excursion over there.  It might be a good idea for when it is too warm to do much outside.