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This is a favorite outing for us – just drive to the Bellagio and make your way to the lobby – you’ll get to see the beautiful blown glass ceiling and nearby is the conservatory which is always overflowing with fresh flowers in a seasonal display.  I was hoping to make it for the holiday display but they were just putting the finishing touches on the Chinese New Year features when we arrived for a visit.

Please forgive the blurry pictures, I was using my cellphone because juggling two kids and a proper camera was not something I wanted to do when we were also carrying the diaper bag and a full picnic lunch.

The Bellagio is my favorite casino/hotel for a number of reasons, one of which being that it is gorgeous.  Another being that my husband and I went there to see the fountains on our first date six years ago, it was decorated for Chinese New Year then as well since it was January.

Can you believe all the outfits you see on these figures are made of fresh flowers?  The kids really liked the display.

A fairly new feature (say, the last year or so) is the picture frame with a work of art rendered in flowers.  It is my favorite aspect of the conservatory aside from the old tree they have there sometimes (but not in this particular season’s display, sadly).

I’d suggest parking at the Bellagio and then viewing the blown glass and conservatory before making your way to see the chocolate fountain.  We also made time to hop on the tram to City Center – it is free and the kids enjoyed the ride.  One caveat, there are no water fountains on this side of the Bellagio – I was told that the side with the Shark Reef and convention center does have water fountains but they are trying to sell you $4 bottles of water so be aware of that.  I forgot our water at home and instead of buying a bottle was able to get a free cup of ice water from the kind folks at Jean Philippe Chocolates (where the chocolate fountain is) for free.

6 thoughts on “Bellagio Conservatory

    1. It is really the prettiest of the hotels, I know Steve Wynn tried to recapture the feel of it for the Wynn Resort but it just isn’t the same. Be sure to check out the fountain show if you haven’t already seen it, they choreograph a fountain show to different songs, if you’re lucky you get to see it on a night when they feature Frank Sinatra classics!


      1. Oh yes, I’ve seen the fountain show and now that I think of it I’ve gone inside the part of the hotel that surrounds the fountain pool, but I don’t think I’ve ever explored the depths of the place. However, now that you’ve jarred my memory I may have wandered and forgotten. Las Vegas is such a sensory overload it’s easy not to remember everything I’ve seen or even realize where I’ve been. When we go there I tend to just start wandering for hours and kind of get lost.

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      2. I think this really captures the town as a slogan: “Wander forever and kind of get lost in Las Vegas.” 🙂 My husband and I got terribly lost in Caesar’s Palace once, so I know how things meld together. The designers of these places wouldn’t have it any other way. The more times people pass the slots, the better. No clocks, too. If you haven’t been here recently City Center may be all new to you and worth wandering!


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