From the Archives: Photos from our September 2011 San Diego Trip

I will email myself post titles and photos for later dates but this collection of pictures has been languishing and I wanted to give them a home.  I hope these snippets are of interest, but if not it is fun for me to revisit fond memories.

This is a photo of some of the “fast food” we packed for the trip – I did a lot of cooking (see here for two posts on the subject, Traveling with food allergies Part 1 and 2) but you never know if stores will have shelf stable staples you run to multiple stores to get when you’re even just at home.  Of course the caveat is always that you have to decide based on labels whether products are safe for your family but we’ve had luck with a few boxed rices (yes, I do use them when I’m in a hurry!) and some gluten free vegan breads.

Some roses from R’s and my almost daily walks near our hotel, I just loved them.  I really need to walk with the kids more while the weather is nice here, I have been toying with the idea of trying to train for a 5k but I will need to get some air into the jogger tires before I get much further in my armchair planning.

The last of some photos that didn’t make it into my vacation recap posts, this was the centerpiece of the table in the hotel lobby area where people would gather on weeknights for free dinner.  With allergy considerations we brought our own food to the area and ate at the table (though my husband and mother in law did get to eat dinner and I grabbed some fresh veggies for myself and the kids).  E loved this centerpiece, it had tiny baby birds in the center and was so simple but pretty that I had to snap a picture with my cellphone camera to remember to recreate it someday.  Not that there’ll ever be a time when breakables are a good idea as decor but you never know!