Hidden Falls Park

Henderson has been kicking it into high gear with new park openings, Hidden Falls Park had a grand opening on January 7, 2012 and though we skipped the official opening day, several days later we visited the park with some friends.

I have to say, it is a hard park to find.  The official address is 281 W. Horizon Ridge Drive but using Google Maps navigation I was guided to an empty lot near a Vons Supermarket.  When you exit the US 95 heading south you’ll turn right onto Horizon on that exit of the same name and follow the road until it winds up what looks like a dead end but what is instead a hill.  Pass the dog park and you’ll see the playground on the right.

There are also trails that we’d love to return and explore but I understand that they are not for strollers, they are pretty much walking trails.  They have a dedicated dog park which is nice since E is allergic to dogs and it is best they are in their own area but we saw dogs on the main playground anyway (not that they’re disallowed, they just have to be on leashes and I’d assumed with a dog park people would keep their dogs over there).

The playground equipment is nice for toddlers but what I love is that there are hills near the play equipment and the kids loved running up and down even more than they loved swinging on the swings (isn’t that always the way?).

Hopefully some of these photos from my cellphone give you an idea of the scenery and offerings of the park, it is out of the way for us (as most Henderson Parks are) but I think if you are driving anyway it is worth the trip.  Also, I have tried two Las Vegas parks recently with the children and one we had to leave because it was broken and dirty and the other was okay but also had signs of vandalism.  I opted not to feature them because I like the idea of giving positive park options for those looking for free outings in and around Las Vegas.