Stephanie Lynn Craig Park

Stephanie Lynn Craig Park is closer to where we live than the last park I wrote about, it is on Russell near Nellis Road, right by Whitney Ranch Recreation Center.  I think it is our second most visited park, after Sunset Park.  Some ideas for stopping by: Go to the park and then zip up Nellis to visit Whitney Library for Storytime or visit the park and drive down Russell to hit the freeway and go for a shopping trip to Costco.

At any rate, there are big grassy areas, a swing set (though not a todder swing set), and a smaller slide that is perfect for R go down over and over.  I am not a fan of the busy road right next to it but there is a fence to keep kids in.

I hope these little tidbits about area parks are useful, I never would have thought about going to different parks if it had not been for the inspiration over at The Wish to Find Out: Henderson Parks Tour.  Do check the link out, I love the pictures of E’s friend A in front of all the different park signs.  It is a great idea to put a little variety into daily adventures, encourage more outside play, and find out which parks you prefer.