Reunion Trails Park

The other day a friend texted me to let me know that Reunion Trails Park had opened.  It is on 44 Chapata Drive in Henderson – if you’re familiar with the area it is near Stephanie and the 215.  It was a neat preview of the kind of equipment going into newer parks in town.  The brand of equipment (warning: the site has music that autoplays, the company is Kompan) is the same as in the newest area of Sunset Regional Park, but luckily there were areas appropriate for a wider range of ages.

I snapped a few pictures with my camera phone, I was very shocked to see electronic components featured, this particular one responded to the direction you pulled it with sounds and declarations of high scores.  I must be getting old.

The park will have a splashpad for the summer and I loved the tessellation theme in the design.  One thing that stood out from our visit was when R fell near a little boy (perhaps 7 years of age?) and I carried him away to comfort him, the young man came over and politely asked if R was okay.  I was impressed with his kindness.  It was a little chilly and windy the day we went but I think it is a great park and we’ll be back!