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Earlier this month we made a little field trip to the Clark County Museum, it was fantastic!  What a great trip for little ones.  I had never been and the idea of “Heritage Holidays” appealed to me.  The museum had period decor peppered through the exhibits so it felt festive.  It is $2 for adults and $1 for children 3 and up and opens nice and early in the morning, perfect if you have early risers like I do.

There is a small indoor loop after you enter, taking you chronologically through the history of the area before it was settled through more modern Las Vegas.  I especially loved the old dresses on display.  Not that I’d wear something this particular shade but the lace is awesome!  I took these snaps with my phone which I’m glad of mainly because R and E wanted to look at everything and juggling a real camera and the monkeys would not have been a good idea, especially when we ventured to the outdoor exhibits (look at the fall foliage!  Note to self: December is the time to look for fall trees in Vegas).

There’s buildings that have been relocated to the museum site like old houses, train cars, and the like that you can walk through and explore among the outdoor area.  The walk is not long from place to place but it is a little bumpy so I think next time I’ll ditch the stroller.  My favorite area included the old homes (once we were able to tear E, R, and their friend A from the train car).  Most of the downtown houses today are converted into law offices and the like so it was especially neat to see how much (or little space) was sufficient for families as little as 50 years ago.  My friend, A’s mom, remarked that family sizes were larger and yet their homes were smaller.  Certainly food for thought in this consumer age.  Then again, putting kids in the attic may be what drove them to marry young and get places of their own!  Just kidding.

The girls asked if this fellow was real.  Some of the indoor staged areas were blocked by glass but many were ones you could explore fully.

This is the row of houses from a lovely gazebo at the end of the street.  I know lots of people come to the museum just to take family photos because it is picturesque.  I may have to do it myself.  We don’t have sidewalks in our neighborhood so I really liked letting the kids run along the street.  R really liked barging into houses and running up wheelchair ramps.  E loved seeing how people lived in “olden times.”  That phrase cracks me up when she says it, I told her once people used to write with feathers in “olden times” and it stuck with her.

You can’t not include a wedding chapel, I actually really liked the bride’s dress here, it reminded me a little of the lace on my own.  One of the guests was wearing a Santa hat, I’m not sure I’d want that in my wedding photos if I were Mr. and Mrs. Mannequin.

Though most of the houses had a Christmas theme to their decor, one had a Hanukkah spread.  Many of the homes had fake food laid out, lots of meat in the Christmas set ups so hooray for latkes in the Hanukkah table!

My favorite scene.  It felt so random that they set up a room this way but it was so sweet to see a father playing with a baby like this.  It really strikes home that our day to day is not all that different from those that came before when you really get down to it.

There is so much more than just the pictures I’ve included here.  We didn’t make it to the ghost town area or explore the outdoor nature walk.  We did eat lunch on the stage and the kids loved pretending to perform.  The leaf piles were also a big draw.  I travel with a lot of food when we have our “adventures” (as E calls them) because with food allergies there’s no eating out or fast food but the silver lining is that you’re always having a picnic.  It was a gorgeous day to spend with friends and we’ll certainly be back.

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