Allergen Free Gingerbread Boy Photos

My kids love gingerbread men, which is interesting considering they’d never eaten one.  I think they’re just cute. The funny thing is that E calls them “gingeyman” and the other day a friend came over to do some crafts and her son remarked upon a yard decoration of a gingerbread man by calling it a “ginger man!”  I am guessing this means we’re not as unique as we suppose sometimes.

So I have been meaning to make these out of Cybele Pascal’s Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook (amazon affiliate link) for a long time but they kind of seemed daunting to me.  Time to chill dough is not a good thing in my busy kitchen.  You can’t leave gluten free dough to chill too long so it is not a matter of preparing ahead, you have to make the time, in this case, 20 minutes.  I now have the ambition to try her roll out cookie recipe (by the way, the book has 100 recipes, which doesn’t seem like a lot until you are trying to make and photograph all the ones that are corn free!).

The kids loved the dough (hooray for vegan dough, right?) even though I had balked at 1 tablespoon of ginger once they baked up the flavors melded and it wasn’t too overpowering.  These came out with a cakey texture, reminding me of pumpkin cookies I’d had years back.  The kids loved them and enjoyed decorating them with Enjoy Life chocolate chips before they went into the oven.  They’re not my favorite treat if only because I prefer my ginger in ginger ale and green juice.  The house did smell wonderful, though, and the more of these I snack on the more I like them.  I baked some into squares and rectangles to try to build a gingerbread house, anyone have a favorite icing recipe for that purpose?