Food Find: Popped Sorghum

The other day I saw “Popghum” at Whole Foods and had to try it.  The variety I tried was Grey Sea Salt and I loved it.  E liked it well enough but I have missed popcorn a little the two years it has been since I’ve had it and this was a welcome treat.  Very pricey, though.  I haven’t bought it again for that reason though I did try to find some sorghum I could pop myself.  Based on online reviews of popping sorghum it can be hit or miss so I may just pick up a bag once in a while.

“Corn free” popcorn – who knew?

4 thoughts on “Food Find: Popped Sorghum

    1. The video makes it look fun! I still haven’t had the courage to try amaranth with the kids – when there’s stuff that they have never had I get nervous about trying it out. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be safe to give it a shot, though! Today my sister and I were trying to tie a pretty ribbon bow and she says “check youtube!” and I had to laugh because sure enough, there’s a dude on youtube giving tips on how to tie bows. I love the internet. 🙂


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