Moapa Valley Art Guild Pomegranate Art Festival 2011

Yes, it was over a month ago since we went to the Pomegranate Art Festival (in Logandale, Nevada) and it also has been awhile since I posted (by the way, I didn’t win the giveaway but it was fun to participate!).  At any rate, it was not as bustling as the year before last (we skipped 2010 because R was just blossoming into his full colic self) but it was a nice drive, a lovely day, and we had fun meeting up with friends who had never been.

The important thing is all the pomegranates, right?  These folks were selling theirs out of a big van, you can see the 33 gallon tubs (aka garbage cans, that just sounds weird in this context, though) in the background of the above picture.  I couldn’t get a good shot of the indoor area at the Clark County Fairgrounds (the flash on the camera was acting weird) but inside were vendors selling paintings and crafts.  I treated myself to a blown glass rose.  I am not usually one for knick knacks but it was so pretty and I suddenly wanted it (definition impulse buy!).

Here’s the outdoor area (see above).  There were several aisles with different vendors, from sellers of pomegranates to pomegranate molasses-infused honey and your usual fair fare of etched glass to woodworking.  We watched some of the local youth dance performance and wandered before eating our packed lunch.  E had fun visiting with her best friend, A (that’s them holding hands below).

I think that when you plan and do activities with kids you have to remember to keep it simple – while as an adult you may have a certain expectation of what you want to do or see, all they want is to have fun, whatever form it may take.  Even R was having fun chasing around with A and I love seeing him interact more and more like a toddler instead of the baby doing his own thing.

I do love pomegranates and I love the festival, I was just a little surprised that it was so much more toned down than in 2009.  I am not sure if it was just because we’d been before or if the economy played a part but I think it is worth the hour or so drive north of Las Vegas, especially if you have a chance to drive back through the Valley of Fire.  Next year the festival should be the first Friday and Saturday in November but do check the link above to verify as the date nears.

5 thoughts on “Moapa Valley Art Guild Pomegranate Art Festival 2011

  1. I saw a pomegranate in the grocery store the other day and had no idea what it was until I saw the sign labeling it. I guess I’ve drank the juice but never eaten the fruit.

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    1. It is my all time favorite fruit, I love this time of year. When I was a little girl my father called them “paradise fruit” and said that each pomegranate had one or two seeds that would each add a year to your life so you had to eat them all. You should really try some, if you are unsure they sell small packets of the seeds at Trader Joe’s and you can make a lovely spinach salad with some tossed in. Nice crunch and burst of fruity flavor. I actually am not a fan of just the juice! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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