The Princess and the Knight (Doll Peg People)

Another win for Pinterest!  I found this while looking through the boards I follow: “Box O’ Princesses” at Lil Blue Boo and loved it.  Seriously, click over and see them – her tutorial shows sketching the designs on the doll pegs and painting each color.  You’ll want to wait for each color to dry (doesn’t take long) before adding another.  I wanted to mimic the idea but make a custom version for the kids.  E has been building elaborate castles out of her Melissa and Doug blocks, we actually just bought another set for her for a gift (amazon affiliate link) so I thought the little wooden peg dolls would be perfect inhabitants.  The next day I was at the fabric store buying supplies to make some for R and E.  I am also making one for E’s best friend, she’ll have an all blue dress.

E wanted hers to have a blue skirt, green top, and pink sleeves.  I gave her little curls just like E.

For R I did a little boy but he looked like he was wearing a business suit and that didn’t go with the princess – hence the knight.  We’d bought glitter acrylic paint so the copper and silver were just right.

They love them.  I couldn’t be happier.  The pegs came in two packs and I bought a very fine paintbrush along with a variety pack of paints.  So not a pricey project at all.  Watch little ones with these since they are smallish but R is pretty good about this stuff and I put them up when I’m not with them.  Quickest craft turnaround for me, well, ever.  Couldn’t resist, could you?


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