Watching the Planes at McCarran

I think that this works for any community with an airport, you can’t beat an activity that is free and operating 24/7, right?  We finally got around to stopping at the viewing area (on Sunset Road, just west of Eastern) for McCarran airport the other day.  The kids enjoyed it though I think visiting it during the day would be better just so they could see the airplanes taxing in the distance.  In the evening you miss out on some of the sights, I think.

The funniest thing to me was that the parking lot was almost full of families doing the same thing we were.  I remember as a kid you could wait for arrivals at the actual gate inside airports but security now doesn’t make that possible.  Outdoor viewing it is.  One neat thing about Vegas is that the airport is not on the outskirts of town, it is pretty central for most people, especially if you’re in the southern or eastern parts of town.

Today is Veteran’s Day, by the way.  It is certainly difficult to think of my brother in far flung places and also contemplate that R could be subject to a draft someday.  I hope my son’s interest in planes (he loves to point them out in the sky, helicopters too) is satisfied by domestic craft.