“Allergy-Free Desserts” Cookbook by Elizabeth Gordon

When the complete picture of my daughter’s food allergies began to take shape, I checked out every allergy cookbook at the library I could get my hands on.  That was how I discovered my favorite standby, Cybele Pascal’s Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook (amazon affiliate link).  I hadn’t searched for any since then (now almost two years, wow) but a recent search turned up “Allergy-Free Desserts” by Elizabeth Gordon (amazon affiliate link).

Allergy cooking and baking books go two routes in avoiding wheat/gluten.  Some just say “buy X flour mix” (which usually contains corn derived xanthan gum or is a blend of bean flours which reportedly have a weird aftertaste) while others give you a mix you can put together yourself.  This book uses a mix of bean flours for the most part and I have never gone that route, nor do I have all the types on hand, so I used the proportions and flours I have on hand from Cybele Pascal’s book to try the mock peanut butter cookies (using sun butter of course).  You can see the result above, I was worried when they came fresh out of the oven that they were too crumbly but once they cooled they were really good.

I couldn’t renew the book because someone else had it on hold so I have yet to really put it to the test but some of the other recipes look awesome (like how to make peppermint patties or fudgesicles that are allergen free, doesn’t that sound yummy?).  There are some less than stellar reviews of the book online (probably because of the bean flour) but since those of us dealing with food allergies are used to having books on our shelves that need adaptation, I will check it out again for more ideas.  I don’t like that the next book by the same author looks meat-based (amazon affiliate link) so I’m not sure about buying this book but if a few more recipes are adaptable I think I will!