Princess Leia’s Necklace

For Halloween (aka Nevada Day!) E is dressing up as Princess Leia from the medal scene at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope.  I managed to find some plastic beads that were square and silvery for her necklace (you can see the original here).  Having her string the beads onto some silver chain ended up being a good activity.  Aside from giving her ownership of her costume through all the stages I think there was some good fine motor skill use involved.

I took the photos with my cell phone camera but they get the idea across.  The chain, clasp, and rings were shared with us from E’s Auntie.  It really makes me appreciate what goes into making jewelry, I had to wrestle with the little pliers for a long time to get everything together and it still ended up needing a re-do when one of the chains slipped loose of a ring.

I will try to write more about her costume, I am proud of how it came together and I think the accessories helped.  A simple white tank top, white cotton skirt, ribbon belt, and organza cape completed with the look along with some silver shoes.  R has a Luke Skywalker costume that is super cute as well.  I am not super crafty but I love trying to make a vision come to reality.  My big goal with their costumes was wearability and playability so they could stay in the costume box for other days aside from Halloween.  We never really made a big deal of Halloween in my family but I am seeing how much fun it can be, ignoring the dangerous candies and chocolates that float around this time of year, of course.

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    1. I think I like best that she picked a princess I can get behind, that was a big incentive to “make it work” like they say on Project Runway. 🙂 I’m so glad everyone liked it!


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